Botran is not only a great family name; The history of alcoholic beverage production in Guatemala is closely linked to the Botrán family, one of the precursors of the industry, after whom the line of great quality of rums is named. since the middle of the last century. The Botrán brothers created Industria Licorera Quezalteca.Located in the Western highlands of Guatemala, it now rises as living testimony of a family passion that grows with the passing of time.

The Botrán family has devoted its passion to perfect the productive process of their rums; secrets are passed  from generation to generation to continually enhance the entire production chain: plantations, distillation, fermentation, bottling, packing and distribution processes are carefully watched to guarantee the qualities for which Botran rums are known for throughout the world. 

Ron Botran

The life of Botran rums starts in the plantations in Retalhuleu, in the South of Guatemala. This location was chosen for the quality of its soils: clayey,volcanic soils that are permanently bathed by the Sun, ideal to grow the sugar cane varieties that yield the best raw material for the rum. It is interesting to note that, unlike other rum producing countries, the rum industry in Guatemala was created specifically to produce distilled spirits.Guatemalan rums have been made out of virgin honey or brown sugar ever since their distant beginnings.

The force of individuality:

To achieve the distinctive character of each one of its rums, Industrias Licoreras de Guatemala distills its rums individually differently for each product. Distillation consists of the separation of volatile compounds that form a part of the aromas and flavors in rum, in order to capture its essence.

Botran rums are distilled in stills with copper components that improve the quality of the rum.

Aging through the Solera System - A tradition stamped with fire

Botran reaches adulthood in Quetzaltenango, the city where aging facilities are located. Among the many aging secrets that make our rums unique is the charring of some the barrels used in the Solera System.

Through the adaptation of the Solera aging system, young and aged rums are blended and aged in a carefully designed sequence with the use of barrels that formerly contained American Whiskey (new and re-charred), sherry and Port. The purpose of subjecting the wood to the power of fire is to transform and to extract the aromas and flavors in the barrel. 

Ron Botran Solera is an award wining rum; having won Gold at the Spirits Masters and most recently Gold at Ministry of Rum Tasting Competition.

Botran Reserva 

A complex blend of rums that have been aged between 5 and 14 years where flavours of freshness and aging are masterfully harmonised.

Ron Botran Reserva
Botran Solera 1893

An elegant and complex blend of rums between 5 and 18 years of age selected for their sophistication, balance and roundness.

Ron Botran Solera